Representing Clients Injured in a Wide Range of Circumstances

At Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC, we are committed to promoting bike safety by holding negligent drivers accountable for causing serious injuries and fatalities in bicycle accidents. Our Oregon attorneys represent cyclists who have been injured in all types of bike crashes, including:

  • Left hook: Also known as the left cross, this has been identified as the most common type of bike collision in Portland. It happens when you are going through an intersection and a vehicle going in the opposite direction makes a left turn directly into your path.
  • Right hook: The right hook happens when you are riding to the right side of automobile traffic and an automobile turns right onto a cross street, parking lot or driveway. The driver either does not see you or passes you first, thinking he or she can complete the turn before you get there.
  • Door prize: Also known as “getting doored,” this happens when you are riding alongside a parked car and someone opens a door directly into your path. Although this does not involve a collision with a moving vehicle, it is a very common cause of serious injury.

Other common types of bicycle collisions include crosswalk accidents, wrong-way accidents and rear-end accidents. In all of these types of collisions, the driver will often blame the bicyclist for causing the accident, but in many, if not most cases, it is the driver who is legally at fault.

Experienced personal injury lawyer Mark Ginsberg, who takes the lead on our bicycle collision cases, is an avid cyclist and active participant in Oregon’s cycling activist community. To schedule a free consultation with Mark, please contact us at 503-542-3000.

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