Fighting For the Legal Rights of Cyclists

Woman Cited by Portland Police for not Riding in Downtown Bike Lane

Mark Ginsberg says writing traffic tickets for riding outside a bike lane is not useful. Mark specializes in helping people with these type of infractions

Police Ended Critical Mass, Should Do The Same For Trump Caravan

Mark Ginsberg (who specializes in traffic law cases) is active in bike advocacy “and often played the role of mediator between police and Critical Mass participants. He’s also been on the ground as a legal observer with the ACLU during the current Portland protests.”

Why Did Police Ignore This Violent Assault on a Cyclist?
– Bicycling Magazine

Mark Ginsberg points out that far too often attending police officers disregard the severity of being intentionally knocked off a bike when responding to an incident.

Portland Bike Roundup: Disappearing bike lane
– The Oregonian

Mark Ginsberg helps a guilty party’s insurance carrier recognize they were civilly responsible for the collision.

Insurance Company of Driver Who Intentionally Hit Cyclists Agrees to Pay $100,000
– The Oregonian

Two years after Johnny Eschweiler deliberately rammed his car into two bicyclists on a Portland street, his insurance company agreed to pay one of the victims $100,000 thanks to Mark Ginsberg representing one of the bicyclists.

Comcast Sued by Oregon Cyclist Clotheslined by Cable
– Insurance Journal

Mark Ginsberg represented a cyclists who sustained injuries after being knocked off his bicycle when he rode through a Comcast cable.

Community Work

‘Thanks for riding today’ mug will debut at Breakfast on the Bridges Friday

Berkshire Ginsberg supported the expansion of the Breakfast on the Bridges project by providing durable mugs and other supplies. The project thanks people who travel by bike.

Celebrating The Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030

Advocates, city staff, and a politicians gather to mark the 10th birthday of Portland’s Bicycle Plan for 2030.

The Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030
– City of Portland

Mark Ginsberg sat on the steering committee to help determine the City of Portland’s official vision for a healthy community with vibrant neighborhoods where bicycles are everywhere.

Portland’s Bicycle Friendly Community Application

Mark Ginsberg chaired the effort to officially declare Portland a Bicycle Friendly Community through the prestigious League of American Bicyclists program.

Portland Attorney Defends Bicyclists for Free
– The Associated Press

Mark Ginsberg works with cyclists who have received citations while participating in Critical Mass.

Attorney Offers Free Defense For a Mass of Bicyclists
– Kitsap Sun

Mark Ginsberg represents cyclists who were unfairly cited during Critical Mass bike rides in Portland

Balloons, Bombs, and Back Alleys
– Ride Solutions

Mark Ginsberg hosts a meeting to discuss police enforcement related to Zoobomb

Advocating and Educating: Safe Streets for Cyclists

Portland Police Association says tragic traffic toll with continue “without proactive enforcement”

Mark Ginsberg weighs in on the dissolution of the Portland Police Traffic Division.

Portland Streets Safer for Cyclists
– Vancouver Sun

Mark Ginsberg discusses the implementation of green bike boxes to improve the visibility of cyclists on city streets.

After the Crash
– The KBOO Bike Show

Hosts Tori and Terry speak with Mark Ginsberg about the important steps a cyclists should take after a collision with a motorized vehicle.

Your Bicycle Rights
– Portland Copwatch

Mark Ginsberg has a long history of educating cyclists on their legal rights on the road.

Making the Case for Equal and Just Enforcement

A fatal bias?
– Velonews

“The police are coming in to these investigations with a confirmation bias, and they’re finding facts that back up that bias. We’ve got a system that is designed to exonerate the car driver.”

Slow Time on Broadway
– Portland Mercury

Mark Ginsberg argues that laws should be equally enforced for all road users and bicyclists should not be unjustly targeted.

Judge: No Bike Lane? No Legal Protection
– The Portland Mercury

Mark Ginsberg argues that in a bike lane is still a bike lane even if it lacks paint as it continues through an intersection.

Rent-a-Cops Run Wild!
– Forward Support

Mark Ginsberg wonders why the Portland Police Bureau haven’t been arresting rent-a-cops for riding bicycles on city sidewalks where it is illegal to do so.

Raising Awareness to Affect Legislative Change: Fixed Gear Bikes

Look Ma, No Brakes!
– The Wall Street Journal

Mark Ginsberg states that a fixed-gear is a braked bike under the Oregon law.

Oregon Lawmakers Give Green Light to Fixed Gear Bicycles
– Bike Iowa and The Associated Press

Because of Mark Ginsberg’s hard work fighting for the rights of fixed gear cyclists a Senate committee delivered a victory, advancing a bill that would legalize fixed gear bikes.

Braking The Fixie
– Willamette Week

Mark Ginsberg is dismayed that the Legislature failed to fix the “fixies” law and the tickets continue to fly in Portland.

Judge Finds Fault With Fixies

Mark Ginsberg presents a details argument in favor of the ability of a skilled fixed gear cyclist to successfully bring a bike to a halt without the use of a specific component that acts as a brake.

Hipster Bikes Don’t Have Brake, Can’t Get Break
– Messenger Institute for Media Accuracy

Mark Ginsberg argues that skilled Portland fixed gear riders meet the letter of that law requiring brakes because they have the skill to bring their bikes to a skidded stop on dry pavement.

ILLEGAL FIXIES?: Out of Portland Comes This Crazy
– Cars-R-Coffins

An internationally famous bike figure marvels at Portland Police ticketing fixed gear riders for not having a brake component on their bikes.

– The Portland Mercury

“Bike lawyer Mark Ginsberg was not happy that Judge Gregg Lowe’s verdict that fixie bikes—bikes with a single, fixed gear—are unsafe without a separate hand brake (riders typically use their own leg muscle power to stop the gear’s rotation, which stops the bike).”

Collision Course
– The Stranger

Mark Ginsberg says there has been no problem in Portland regarding fixed gear bicycles in terms of safety and higher rates of crashes

When is a brake a brake?
– Fort Garry Bike Club

Protecting Users’ Legal Rights Through Awareness

Attorney: Biketown User Agreement Waives Your Constitutional Right to Jury Trial
– KATU News

Mark Ginsberg warns bike share users that the contract they sign has a deeply buried clause that prevents their right to a jury trials.

BikeTown Rider, Beware: The Contract Bars You From Suing Portland’s Bike-Share Program in Court
– Willamette Week

Mark Ginsberg alerts bike share users in Portland that the user agreement bars riders from suing the company in court.

Biketown Says Users Will Get Multiple Changes to Protect Their Jury-Trial Rights
– Bicycle Insurance

Mark Ginsberg warns bike share users that the contract they sign has a deeply buried clause that prevents their right to a jury trials.

Get to Know Mark Ginsberg

Will the Cascadia Earthquake be the Worst Disaster North America’s Ever Seen?

Building a Niche Through Pre-Client Advocacy: Lessons from Portland’s Bicycle Lawyers
– Multnomah Bar Association

Mark Ginsberg os recognized for using his expertise to advocate for his clients in an important niche field.

Bike Stars Shine at BTA Alice Awards

Mark Ginsberg has been a perennial nominee for the prestigious Alice Awards, presented by Portland’s bike advocacy organization The Street Trust. But in 2013 he didn’t win for his bike support efforts, he unofficially won for his.. dapper and impressive suit coat.

Emergency Preparedness
– KATU News

KATU News interviewed Mark on the importance of being prepared for a disaster. Mark explained the simple steps we can all take to be more prepared should a natural disaster strike our region, a very likely scenario.

Disaster Relief Trials

In addition to being a personal injury attorney specializing in the rights of bicyclists, Mark Ginsberg is also a Neighborhood Emergency Team leader and an advocate for disaster preparedness.

Grrrrr! It’s All on Road Rage Camera
– Sustainable Life

Mark Ginsberg sometimes has to employ innovative techniques to prove the actions of his cyclist clients.