Helping Injured Pedestrians Pursue Claims Against Negligent Drivers

Drivers everywhere — whether they are in a city like Portland with a high rate of pedestrian traffic or a more rural area where pedestrians are less common — have a responsibility to drive safely, obey the traffic laws and take reasonable steps to avoid hitting people with their vehicles.

If you have been injured by a driver who failed to take these precautions, you may be entitled to compensation. At Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC, our Portland pedestrian accident attorneys help victims throughout the metro area pursue the money damages they deserve. Contact us online to begin your initial consultation.

Investigating Your Case and Pursuing the Results You Deserve

If you were hit by a car and injured while crossing the street at a crosswalk, stop sign or traffic light, the driver is almost certainly at fault, and you are entitled to full compensation for your injuries. Even if you were jaywalking at the time of your collision, you may still have a claim.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of helping injured pedestrians obtain substantial awards for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

We thoroughly understand the types of insurance coverage that apply to pedestrian collisions in Oregon, including personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which provides certain no-fault benefits, and uninsured motorist (UM) coverage, which applies in hit-and-run accident cases.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one in a pedestrian collision, you owe it to yourself to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer before making any decisions. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, please contact us at 503-542-3000.

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