While few drivers intentionally hit a pedestrian, many fail to watch for pedestrians while driving. Portland’s streets and highways are busy and congested. Semi-trucks, buses and cars must share the road with pedestrians. Watching for pedestrians while driving can reduce the risk of a catastrophic collision that can not only negatively impact the pedestrian, but also the driver and his or her family as they recover from the horror of inflicting such pain on another. Auto Maneuvering Inherently Risky for Pedestrians Vehicles are obviously at an advantage when inadvertently going up against a pedestrian. Drivers should watch for pedestrians when making left-hand turns, right hand turns, u-turns or driving in reverse. In addition, drivers should use caution when passing through intersections or parking lots. Damages from a Pedestrian Auto Accident A pedestrian who is struck by an auto can suffer tremendous injuries, if not death. The emotional wounds and financial difficulties placed upon the pedestrian and the family can continue for months or even years after the accident. One imperative decision that must be made after an accident of this magnitude is to seek the representation of an experienced Portland auto accident attorney. Advocacy You Can Trust Enlisting the guidance of Berkshire Ginsberg LLC in Portland for your pedestrian auto accident case can help you obtain the direction and counsel of legal professionals who will pursue the highest level of compensation for you and your family. We will focus on protecting your rights and needs and keep you informed of every step throughout the claim’s process. Contact our firm to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your personal injuries and your legal rights.