It’s no wonder that winter can be a dangerous time to drive. With colder weather, everything from foggy windshields and poorly functioning windshield wipers, to the slick streets caused by snow and ice, can create considerable drama and safety hazards for drivers and passengers alike. If you know the precautions to take before you get in the car, you may be able to keep you and your family safer, as well as prevent yourself from being the cause of a potentially harmful or deadly accident.

Top 5 Tips for Driving Safely in the Winter

  1. Be Prepared – Keep an emergency kit in your car, a snow shovel, basic tool kit, bag of traction material, flashlight, and materials to keep you warm in case you get stranded.
  1. Check Your Tires – since your tires are your main connection with the road, it’s important to make sure they’re inflated properly so they function safely. Temperature can affect inflation, so check them often
  1. Remain Calm In a Skid – watch your following distance and don’t overcorrect if your car starts sliding on snow or ice. Loosing your cool can increase your likelihood of a more severe crash or injuring other drivers.
  1. Stay in Charge – make sure your car battery is charged to it’s full extent to ensure you don’t get stuck in the cold with a dead car battery
  1. Step up to New Safety Technology – most cars now come equipped with technology to keep you safe like anti-lock breaking systems, electronic traction and stability control systems. Find out if your car has this technology and if it doesn’t, consider buying a new one.

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