In the moving industry, the shipper (person being relocated) is required to disclose any damage to any of their property before the movers begin packing and loading their belongings. If any scratch, dent, break or any other kind of damage is reported after the fact, the movers cannot be held responsible unless there was proper documentation beforehand. For example, if there was a scratch on an oak dining room table before the movers came, the shipper cannot blame the scratch on the movers after the relocation. The same thing goes for car accidents. It’s important to document any damage done to you or your vehicle as soon as possible after the collision in order to provide proof to the insurance company.

Should I Take Pictures?

It is definitely recommended to take pictures of the damaged vehicles after a collision with your own camera or phone. Although an insurance company may direct an adjuster to take photographs, those pictures may not document the full extent of the damage done to your vehicle or the physical injuries to your body and the bodies of your family or loved ones involved in the collision.

What Exactly Should I Photograph?

It may not be apparent which details of the collision will become significant later on. So the more images you can capture the better. Remember, any camera will do, but be sure to take pictures with decent lighting and from different angles.

Try to capture images of:

  • Your vehicle, and the damage it withstood
  • The other vehicles included in the collision, and their damages
  • Any nearby skid marks
  • Any scattered car parts, broken glass, or other wreckage that may have fallen onto the road
  • The site of the wreck (i.e., the intersection, parking lot, or other location)
  • The environment/weather conditions
  • Any injuries to your body, or the bodies of your passengers, and other parties
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