While it is important for a pedestrian to stay alert, the reality is drivers hold the safety of pedestrians in their hands. A person walking, running or riding a bike has no form of defense if hit by the mass of a vehicle. It is imperative for drivers to stay alert and anticipate the behavior of a pedestrian to avoid a catastrophic accident. Most Susceptible to a Pedestrian-Auto Accident Pedestrians who are most susceptible to becoming a victim of an auto accident are the elderly and the very young. It is imperative to ensure there are no little children around your vehicle before you back up or pull away from a parking spot. Furthermore, if a child is playing and runs into the street, he or she most likely will not remember to look for cars. Elderly people are unable to respond quickly to move away from a moving car, and they are sometimes unable to hear or see as well, which can make it more difficult for them to judge the distance of a car. Are You Prepared? The best defense a driver can use to prevent striking a pedestrian is to slow down and be prepared to stop. A car lined with parked vehicles, a street with busy pedestrian traffic or a neighborhood street with children playing in yards requires a driver to think and drive responsibly. At night, pedestrians are even harder to see, so always remain alert for the night-time jogger or another pedestrian in the road. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC today for a free consultation.