As a pedestrian, you have probably realized the major disadvantages you would face if you were hit by a car or truck. So, are you a safety conscience pedestrian? Do you stay alert to what drivers are doing to make sure you stay out of their way in case they do not see you? While drivers share in the responsibility of sharing the road with pedestrians, pedestrians must carry some of the burden as well. Tips on How to Be a Safety Conscious Pedestrian
  • Stay on walkways whenever it is possible. Sidewalks and crosswalks are there to help keep pedestrians safe. Abide by walk signals at intersections and maintain a safe distance from the road. Always check for traffic before you step off of a sidewalk, even if the walk signal tells you it is your turn. A distracted driver may not adhere to their part of abiding by the signals.
  • Be careful to avoid the blind spots of vehicles. If you stand in the “no-zone” of a car, SUV or truck, they very well may back into you without realizing you are there.
  • If you walk or run regularly, you should wear bright, reflective clothing. This is especially important at night.
  • Never assume a driver will stop for you. Do not take unnecessary risks by stepping into traffic you think will stop. Always be prepared to avoid a car and the severe injuries that could result from an impact.
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