Bicycling is a popular sport, an economic form of transportation, and a fun way to spend time with family or friends. If you want to ride your bicycle at night, there are important steps you should take to stay safe in the dark. Oregon law requires a headlamp on the front of your bike, but you should do much more than simply installing a light to avoid a bicycle accident at night. How to Stay Safe on Your Bike at Night The number one way you can stay safe and avoid catastrophic injuries if you go bicycling in the dark is to make sure that vehicle drivers can see you.
  • Your bicycle should be equipped with reflectors on the back of your bike, as well as on the back of each pedal.
  • A front headlight will help drivers know you are on the road.
  • In addition, you should consider wearing a headlamp on your helmet. Remember that your bicycle headlight will turn in the direction you steer, and your helmet light will shine in the direction you look.
  • Wear bright clothing with reflective stripes to help your visibility.
While on the road in the dark, you need to be vigilant and ride in a defensive manner. Remain on the side of the road that goes with traffic and never assume drivers see you. Be prepared to take action to avoid an accident or hazard. Oregon Bicycle Accidents Advocacy The Oregon attorneys at Berkshire Ginsberg LLC are equipped with the experience you will want to advocate for you if you do become the victim of a bicycle accident. Contact our firm today to allow us to work to recover damages you are owed.