As more people hit the roads riding bicycles, there is growing competition between bicyclists and automobile drivers. Inevitably, accidents are bound to happen. While sometimes it’s clear who was at fault, other times may not prove so easy. When trying to prove fault in an accident involving a bicyclist, most cases boil down to proving negligence or carelessness on the part of the cyclist. In these cases, using a combination of common sense and official support tools can often make the task of proving fault much easier. If you need to prove a bicyclist caused an accident, there are several ways to do so.

Obtain Police Reports

One of the most effective tools at your disposal is the police report filed by the officer working the accident. Many times, if it is clear a bicyclist was at fault the officer may include in his report the cyclist violated a specific traffic law or was riding in a careless manner. If this is included in the report, proving negligence can become much easier.

Lack of Safety Equipment

Many accidents involving bicyclists happen during the early morning or late evening hours, which are times of the day that require reflective equipment or proper lighting in order to be seen by motorists. However, many cyclists choose to ride without wearing reflective safety vests or having proper lighting installed on their bikes. In situations such as these, it is imperative to note if this was the case with the cyclist involved in the accident. Taking pictures of the cyclist and their bike or obtaining any photographs taken by police at the scene can help prove the cyclist may have been at fault.

Local Traffic Laws

Many towns and cities have laws and ordinances specific to only them, so researching these can sometimes make it easier to prove a bicyclist was at fault in an accident. This may take some time and effort on the part of you or your lawyer, but can prove to be a deciding factor sometimes. Proving fault in an accident often sounds easy, but can be much more difficult than many people think. As with any other court case, having as much information as possible can greatly increase one’s chances of proving the other party was at fault. For those involved in these accidents, using common sense along with other official means can make a tremendous difference in the outcome. Contact us today to get started on your case.