On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Thursday, August 1, 2013.
Auto accidents can unexpectedly alter a victim’s life through unanticipated injuries and costs. A recent rollover car crash in Portland sent one woman to the hospital. A vehicle traveling eastbound crossed the centerline and swiped the car the woman was driving which was headed westbound. The accident caused the woman’s vehicle to rollover down an embankment; the road the two cars were traveling along borders the Columbia River. The driver of the vehicle that rolled over down the embankment, stopping short of the water, had to be transported to the hospital; the driver of the other vehicle remained at the scene. The victim is expected to survive her injuries. All drivers are required to exercise reasonable care in the circumstances to avoid injury or harm to others. When a driver fails to exercise this minimum standard of care, the driver can be considered negligent. If driver’s negligence injures another person, the negligent driver may be required to provide compensation to the injured car accident victim injured. Auto accident victims may quickly find that a complete recovery from injuries suffered as a result of another person’s negligence requires compensation for damages. Recovery for damages can include lost wages, lost future earning capacity, medical expenses, future medical costs associated with the accident and pain and suffering damages. Recovery for these types of damages will help offset the costs the victim will likely incur following the accident. A trained legal professional can help a victim receive crucial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. A car accident does not have to be any greater disruption to a car accident victim’s life than necessary. An experienced legal professional can help a victim navigate the process to recover for the damages the victim has suffered. Source: The Oregonian, “Woman hospitalized in rollover crash in Northeast Portland,” Lynne Terry, July 24, 2013