On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013.
When an automobile hits a cyclist, it usually results in serious injuries to the cyclist. Furthermore, if the driver flees the scene of the accident, that can cause additional stress for the victim after the accident has taken place. A Portland bicyclist was recently in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle in a hit and run accident. The vehicle that struck the victim was described by witnesses as a white pickup truck and was reportedly driving erratically before the crash. Accident investigators are seeking to find the driver. The victim was recently upgraded from critical to serious condition. The intersection where the accident occurred has been the site of other bicycle versus vehicle collisions. A hit and run accident can come out of nowhere and leave the victim with injuries and damages that were completely unexpected. The legal system requires that when a party behaves negligently, the party is liable to any victims for any harm caused. All drivers owe a duty of care for the safety of others on the roadway. If drivers fail to fulfill that duty, they may be liable for any injuries that occur as a result and they may be responsible for other damages to the victims. Drivers should always remain at the scene of an accident, especially if a person has been injured; drivers who fail to do so can be liable for failure to leave insurance information or other, more serious, charges if they have hit a person, for example. When a driver has injured a party and the driver cannot be identified or found, the victim may still have options to consider. Through uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage, the injured party may be able to recover damages for their injuries. Traffic accidents can result in serious injuries that can lead to costly recoveries. Victims do have a variety of legal options to get compensation following any type of traffic accident. Source: The Oregonian, “Bicyclist in critical condition after struck in a hit-and-run accident in North Portland,” Maxine Bernstein, June 17, 2013