On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Thursday, December 26, 2013.
The legal process seeks to offer options and resources to help those injured in a bicycle accident. A bicyclist was recently hit by a car in Portland. The bicycle accident occurred at an intersection. As the bicycle was crossing one of the streets, the car struck it and its rider. Police reported that the bicyclist was taken to the hospital. The police also reported that the victim should be “okay” so the injuries are not thought to be life threatening. According to police, alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the accident and no citations had presently been issued. Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries that can lead to medical expenses and, in some instances, require long-term medical care. This can result in other additional costs and losses to the injured bicyclist. An injured bicyclist may have a claim for damages against a negligent driver if that driver caused the accident that resulted in injuries. Negligent drivers can include those in violation of the law, such as drunk drivers, but can also include distracted drivers and drivers that fail to maintain the proper amount of care while driving and cause injury. Victims of bicycle crashes may be able to recover compensation for the injuries, harm and losses suffered. Damages that may be recovered following a bicycle accident can include medical expenses, future medical care and costs, lost earnings, lost-earning capacity and pain and suffering damages. Compensation for these types of damages is intended to help the injured victim with the recovery process and compensate the victim for the harm suffered. A trained personal injury attorney can help the victim of a bike crash evaluate a claim for damages. This will help ensure the best recovery possible under the circumstances and that any rights of the bicyclist are properly protected. Source: KATU.com, “Bicyclist hit by car in North Portland,” Christian Henry, Dec. 19, 2013