On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Thursday, October 3, 2013.
Car accident victims may face a difficult and expensive road to recovery. Fortunately, the legal system is able to aid and protect victims of car accidents. A recent multi-car accident in a Portland suburb involving a school bus sent one person to the hospital with minor injuries. The three-vehicle accident occurred after one of the vehicles failed to stop at a traffic light. No children were on the school bus at the time of the accident. Others involved in the accident sought medical treatment on their own. One driver was cited in relation to the accident for failing to stop at the traffic light. The school bus driver was not issued any citations. Negligent drivers can be liable to injured victims for a variety of damages. The injured victim can bring a personal injury claim against the driver and demonstrate that the driver was negligent in causing the accident and the harm. Typically, a citation or charge in relation to the accident may be sufficient to establish that the driver was negligent and is liable to the victim for damages. Victims of car accidents may seek damages for lost wages and medical expenses. Additionally, the ordeal of being involved in a car accident can take an emotional toll on the victim. Because of this, victims of car accidents can recover pain and suffering damages as well. Car accident victims may face a number of challenges following a car crash. A personal injury attorney will help the victim evaluate injuries and damages and guide the victim through the process to receive compensation for damages. Source: The Oregonian, “Cornelius three-car crash, involving school bus, sends one to hospital via ambulance,” Rebecca Woolington, Sept. 26, 2013