Unfortunately, cyclists do not have an option for a comprehensive insurance policy, specifically for coverage of a bicycle accident. There are ways to seek coverage from existing policies if the cyclist is injured in a bicycle accident. PIP Policy Coverage for a Bicycle – Auto Accident If a bicyclist is hit by a vehicle driver, the cyclist will first use their own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) part of their auto insurance if he or she has an auto policy. Typically, the PIP policy will pay for 80% of the medical expenses and 60% of the lost income up to the limit the coverage states. If the bicycle rider does not own a car, the injured cyclist may be covered by another family member’s auto insurance. Once the cyclist’s PIP coverage is maxed, the negligent auto driver’s liability policy should pay for additional damages. This insurance should cover the remainder of the medical bills for the bicyclist’s injuries, pain and suffering related to the accident, and damage to the bicycle. Bicycle Accidents and Health Insurance Coverage Health insurance, or medical insurance, will usually cover a portion of the medical bills you incur from a bicycle injury. Your health insurance company may pursue damages from the liable party. Portland Bicycle Accident Lawyers The Portland bicycle accident lawyers at Berkshire Ginsberg are well-versed in all areas of this type of accident. We will help you navigate the complexities of this confusing process to ensure you are paid all you are owed. We will give you sound advice on whether you should pursue a personal injury claim, and we will protect your rights and interests. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation regarding your bicycle accident and your injuries.