On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Thursday, December 5, 2013.
Pedestrian victims can seek legal protections when harmed in an auto-pedestrian accident by a negligent driver. A hit-and-run pedestrian accident recently left a 40-year-old man bruised and bloodied in a community just outside of Portland. According to the victim and witnesses, he was struck by a tan box truck while crossing the roadway in a marked crosswalk at an intersection. The victim and witnesses reported that the truck had a green light to turn, but that the pedestrian victim also had a walk sign to proceed through the crosswalk. As the pedestrian was proceeding through the intersection in the crosswalk, the truck began honking at him. The victim questioned the truck driver as to what his “problem” was. At that point, the victim and witnesses reported, the truck accelerated through the intersection and struck the pedestrian, who hit the passenger side door of the truck. The truck did not stop and continued on after hitting the pedestrian. Police officers were able to obtain surveillance footage of the pedestrian accident from a nearby store. Police were also able to track down the truck and its driver nearby. Reportedly, the police found evidence that the truck had hit something. The driver was arrested for failure to perform the duties of a driver and reckless driving. Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries and, because of this, pedestrians must be protected on roadways. A negligent driver who has harmed a pedestrian may be liable to the victim for damages suffered. A driver can be negligent in an auto-pedestrian accident, if the driver has engaged in a failure to yield or other violation of the law. A violation of the law that led to the accident, and the victim’s injuries is usually sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the driver was negligent. Victims of pedestrian accidents may be left with severe injuries, the extent of which may not be immediately known even to the victim. As a result, injured pedestrians may wish to seek the advice of a trained personal injury attorney to help injured pedestrian victims recover damages for the physical and emotional costs of the accident. Source: The Oregonian, “Man accused of hitting pedestrian with rental truck: Beaverton Police Log,” Everton Bailey Jr., Nov. 23, 2013