No other feelings quite compare with those that are experienced on a motorcycle. The freedom and exhilaration are second to none. However, you’re considering moving to Portland and you’ve heard that it rains … a lot. Is it even worth bringing your motorcycle? The answer is definitely yes. Portland, and the state of Oregon as a whole, boasts some of the best scenery in the western United States. On top of that, there are countless scenic roads and byways that are just begging to be explored by motorcycle. As for the rain, most riders don’t let it stop them. That’s what rain gear is for! Having established the necessity for keeping your bike, here are some things you’ll want to consider as you move to Portland. Like many other states, Oregon requires that you obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license. If you already have such an endorsement in your current state, it will probably transfer over without any difficulty. Those who do not have an existing endorsement can obtain one by passing a written test and a practical riding exam. Alternatively, completion of an approved Basic Rider Training course is accepted in place of passing the exams. Motorcycle safety is just as important in Portland as it is elsewhere. The region does have its share of gray, rainy days, so it pays to make yourself visible with bright or reflective gear. As always, it’s best to assume that drivers and pedestrians have not seen you, which is a common problem wherever you ride. Use defensive riding maneuvers to stay safer on the road. Bear in mind that the rain might make it unsafe to ride at faster speeds. Accordingly, it makes sense to adjust your speed to account for the weather. Keep a sharp eye out for gravel, grooves, manhole covers and other hazards that might make the ride rough. Motorcycle riding in Portland can be fun, but it’s as hazardous here as it is elsewhere. Alertness and good riding skills can prevent most accidents. However, if you’re tooling around on your bike and are involved in a collision, you may need legal advice. Riders can trust the personal injury attorneys at Berkshire Ginsberg to evaluate their case fairly. Call or click today to schedule a consultation if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Portland.