In Southeast Texas, a woman is suing over claims she was hurt in a car crash when another driver illegally switched lanes. Deresa Green filed the suit Sept. 25, claiming Duane LeBlanc, the other driver, hit Green’s car after changing lanes although it wasn’t safe to do so. Green claims to have sustained injuries that need medical treatment. She blames LeBlanc for negligence, and Tango Transport (the owner of the vehicle LeBlanc was driving) for negligent entrustment. Green demands over $200,000 in damages, which she says include medical expenses, lost income, loss of ability to earn income, loss of consortium and parental consortium, interest and court expenses.

Ability To Work After A Car Accident

While some wrecks are minor enough that those involved can walk away unscathed, other victims endure agonizing injuries, requiring medical attention and preventing them from working. While a broken leg or hurt arm may not affect someone who works in an office all day, people who depend on manual labor for income are completely restricted from getting back to their jobs after an accident.

Lost Wages and Loss of Earning Capacity

In compensation lawsuits, lost wages are those, which a person is unable to earn because of the actions of the defendant, or liable party. The plaintiff, or victim, is eligible to sue for lost wages and other compensation associated with the defendant’s actions. On the other hand, lost earning capacity is more difficult to verify because it involves making predictions about the person’s employment ability at a future point in time.

PIP and Lost Wages

Your petition against the other driver comprises any documentable loss. With your Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and if your grievance is because of a vehicle collision, your auto insurance provider will compensate you for a portion of your lost wages if a doctor keeps you from work for a minimum of 14 days in a row. Oregon Personal Injury Protection Attorney There are a lot of decisions to be made after a car accident. Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC experienced Portland car accident attorneys can help you make the right ones and help you recover lost wages with your personal injury claims. Contact our personal injury attorneys by calling 503-233-6507 so we can get started on your case.