There is nothing convenient about a car wreck. When it happens, it likely puts a damper in your entire day, throwing you off schedule, causing you to call in to work, get a rental car, or maybe even go to the hospital. The inconveniences don’t stop there. If your car accident involved another person or there were injuries, that means you have to deal with insurance companies, medical bills, physical recovery, not to mention the mental stress and strain on your family and bank account.

Car Accidents and Time

Many issues you face after a car accident revolve around time: time to recover, time to wait for a car to be fixed, time to wait on responses from insurance company, or simply time to file paperwork. In some state, like Oregon, there is a two-year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit. This means that if a case isn’t resolved in a two-year time frame, you must file a lawsuit. Furthermore, if a governmental entity is the liable party, then the injured person also has to file what’s called a tort claims notice no more than 180 days from the date of the wreck.

What else must be considered?

In order to resolve a case properly, one has to consider the damages incurred and the course of treatment required. Then, when the case is filed, a year or more can pass before the date of trial. Most cases resolve within 18 months, but it could take up to three years or more depending on what kind of injuries were sustained. Smaller claims may only take a few weeks to resolve, but the client is best served when he waits until it is in the client’s best interest to wait until he or she is medically stable before settling. Portland Car Accident Attorneys You shouldn’t be alone in making decisions after a car accident. Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC’s experienced Portland car accident attorneys are committed to justice for you and your family after a car wreck. We get the job done by helping you with every aspect of your personal injury claims. Contact our personal injury attorneys today. Call 503-233-6507 so we can get started on your personal or wrongful death case.