Car crashes can be very complicated to unravel when the case finally goes to court. In addition, the injured victim is often not the driver at fault. It is never a good idea for a novice car accident victim to attempt handling an insurance claim on their own because the insurance adjusters are professional negotiators and have a basic method of operation. Insurance companies train all adjusters on how to low-ball an injury victim who could possibly receive more damage awards than is being provided. Hiring an attorney is always the best first step, such as the legal professionals at Berkshire Ginsberg Law.

Insurance Company Responsibilities

Insurance companies are only required to tell the claimant a minimal amount of information. Auto accident attorneys are professional negotiators too, just like insurance adjusters. In addition, injury lawyers also know where they can look for more potential revenues for damages. The potential for multiple negligent parties is present in more accidents than most victims realize, and insurance companies regularly fight a claim until the time of a trial. The insurance company responsibility is primarily protecting the negligent driver client unless they can claim that the policy is not active.

Rules of Evidence

All issues in an accident case are not always material case facts, and immaterial facts do not get included when determining who is ultimately responsible. Sometimes there can be several negligent parties in multiple vehicle accidents or wrecks involving commercial vehicles. Having an attorney who has a proven track record of aggressively defending client rights can make a major difference when medical bills are piling up and the insurance company is operating in bad faith by refusing or delaying payment.

Avoiding Bad Faith Tactics

Many people do not realize that insurance companies can be sued in addition to the accident coverage if they are operating in bad faith. This requires a solid legal professional to build a case proving the additional negligence. An injured victim is no match for a bad faith adjuster, and filing a suit will always require a proven and experienced attorney who is willing to take the entire case to trial in order to recover all medial bill coverage in making the injured client whole through a maximized damages award, including potential punitive damages. It is always a sound decision to at least contact a professional auto accident attorney who understands the nuances of a personal injury claim and how to maximize any insurance claim for the client. Initial case assessments are free and a seasoned attorney like the legal professionals at Berkshire Ginsberg Law can make an honest assessment of your claim potential.