Gas stations have obvious hazards and can be a prime accident location. In addition to injuries incurred by a collision between vehicles, other premises conditions can lead to personal injuries. Some states are questioning the overall inherent safety of self-service gas stations, and some states have banned their existence in cities with populations over 100,000. Super-Sized Gas Stations Increase Risks of Accidents In order for gas stations to offer fuel at an appealing price and realize the profit they desire, many owners have implemented a large-scale design. Hazards at the super-sized gas stations can range from wrecks between vehicles backing up, turning and trying to enter and leave the facility to explosive or fire dangers caused by smokers filling their tanks. It is imperative for all drivers to enlist their defensive driving skills when driving in a gas station. Pedestrians also face a higher risk of being struck by a vehicle in the congestion of the stations. Oregon Auto Accident and Personal Injury Representation If you suffer a severe personal injury from an auto accident or other hazard at a gas station, you need to enlist the legal representation of the trusted team of attorneys at Berkshire Ginsberg LLC. We will identify all liable parties, establish the most profitable claims process to pursue, and work toward helping you receive a just settlement to compensate you and your family for your injuries and your recovery. Do not face the insurance representatives on your own. Contact our firm today to begin your financial recovery.