For various reasons, it is extremely common for car owners to allow friends to borrow their cars. In most circumstances, the borrowed car is returned in the same condition it was when it was driven away by the friend, give or take a little gas, depending on how nice your friend is. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. So, what do you do if a friend wrecks your car? Confusion can set in when attempting to determine whose insurance is responsible for the damages if a friend wrecks your car. Hopefully, confusion will be the worst emotion experienced. It is always wise to seek legal counsel to avoid further turmoil in the recovery of damages. The Portland auto accident attorneys at Berkshire Ginsberg can ensure your rights are protected, and the damages are covered by the right insurance provider. Standard Guidelines if a Friend Wrecks Your Car There are a few guidelines that can help you understand where to turn and establish where a claim should be filed.
  • Typically, insurance goes with the car. If you drive someone else’s car, you will usually be covered by that person’s insurance.
  • If the damages exceed the limits of the car owner’s policy, then the borrower’s insurance should cover the remainder of the damages.
  • In some instances, if the car owner’s insurance provider determines that the friend borrows the car regularly, the owner’s insurance company may enact procedures to deny the claim because the friend was an unregistered frequent driver of the car.
There are multiple other scenarios that can impact the coverage of damages when a friend borrows your car and is involved in an auto accident. Enlist the Help You Can Trust It is often difficult to decipher who is responsible for what when a friend wrecks your car. Insurance companies do not want to pay for damages, you do not want to suffer an increase in your premiums, and you do not want to destroy your friendship. Consult with the trusted attorneys at Berkshire Ginsberg LLC to determine the right steps to take to recover the damages you are owed. Contact our firm today.