On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2012.
When so much attention was placed on former University of Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington’sbicycle accident last year, it bothered him. He was wearing a helmet, and while he suffered some serious injuries, none of them were life-threatening. In contrast, the sports star noticed that two children who died in similar accidents around the same time, both not wearing helmets, barely received any media attention. “My accident was the one that was talked about,” Harrington said. “The others got a blurb in the newspaper, which is a sad statement.” This frustration motivated Harrington to start the Bridges to Breakers bike ride using his Harrington Family Foundation. The charity ride happened on Sept. 23, and its purpose was to raise money to purchase bicycle helmets through the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and other groups. Harrington’s efforts are well timed. According to the Alliance, the number of children who walk or ride bikes to and from school has risen from 8 to 41 percent in the past 21 years. The only problem with these encouraging numbers is that many of these children do not wear helmets. Harrington’s foundation hopes to help change that, both by getting the helmets into children’s hands and by using the football star’s notoriety to make wearing helmets cool. It is encouraging that groups like these are trying to protect young bicyclists. Unfortunately, helmets do not always prevent accidents. If you have been injured on your bike through no fault of your own, you should be fully aware of your rights under our state’s personal injury laws. Source: KVAL.com, “Former Ducks: Harrington raising money for bike helmets,” Aaron Fentress, Sept. 17, 2012