On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Monday, May 21, 2012.
Bicyclists generally do not have a great deal to protect them from physical impacts. Thus, car vs. bicycle accidents can be extremely harmful to bicyclists. Sadly, such traffic accidents can sometimes even have fatal results. This can be seen in a tragic accident that occurred last week in Portland, Oregon. The accident happened last Wednesday. That night, a 28-year-old woman was riding a bicycle along Southwest Madison Street in the street’s bike lane. According to authorities, at Southwest Madison Street’s intersection with Southwest Third Avenue, the woman was struck by a big rig truck that was making a right turn. Reportedly, this car vs. bicycle accident is still in the process of being investigated. An official with the Portland Bureau of Transportation has said that, after the police investigation of this accident is finished, a review will be conducted regarding the safety of the above-mentioned intersection. The woman who was riding the bicycle died as a result this car vs. bicycle accident. Last Friday, during the evening commute, a vigil was held in the woman’s honor. The vigil was held at the above-mentioned intersection. Reportedly, hundreds of individuals participated in this vigil. As the above-discussed crash illustrates, car vs. bicycle accidents can sometimes result in a bicyclist’s death. Thus, one hopes that all motor vehicle drivers in Portland will do everything they reasonably can to prevent car vs. bicycle accidents when behind the wheel and that government officials are taking all proper steps to ensure the safety of bicyclists who are out on the roads. Sources: KPTV, “Vigil held for woman killed riding bike in downtown Portland,” Laura Rillos, May 18, 2012 BikePortland.org, “Community will gather for Kathryn Rickson tomorrow,” Jonathan Maus, May 17, 2012