On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013.
A car in a neighboring Portland community recently veered off the road and onto a sidewalk, striking two teenage girls. According to Oregon Health and Science University, where the two girls were taken, both are in critical condition. One was taken by helicopter and the other was taken by ambulance. The 19-year-old driver who hit the two 13-year-old girls remained at the scene of the crash and authorities said it is likely he will be charged criminally. The sheriff’s office said that it is possible the driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol, but they do not know what caused him to drive his vehicle up onto the sidewalk. Whenever a pedestrian is injured in an auto-pedestrian accident it can be serious because pedestrians are vulnerable next to roadways. A pedestrian accident can lead to severe injuries that may require compensation. Such accidents may leave victims with costs that the victims did not cause, create or expect. Because of this, pedestrian accidents can leave victims feeling vulnerable physically, financially and emotionally. Whenever a driver does not exercise due care and injures someone as a result, the negligent driver can face liability and be required to pay damages to the victim. This is especially true when a driver has been reckless. To show that a driver was negligent a victim bringing a claim against a driver can often use any criminal charges against the driver as evidence. This will allow the victim to collect compensation for the serious injuries the victim has suffered. Source: KATU.com, “Car swerves onto sidewalk and hits two teenagers,” Aug. 7, 2013