On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Friday, September 20, 2013.
Careless drivers, such as drunk drivers, may face more than criminal penalties; civil recourse for damages may also be available to injured victims or families of victims that are killed. A drunk driver who struck and killed a 20-year old pedestrian and critically injured another in Portland was recently sentenced to seven years in prison. The man also received a lifetime revocation of his driver’s license and will have to be supervised for several years following his release from prison. The accident occurred when the drunk driver ran a red light in his pickup truck, collided with a taxi cab and then drove up onto the sidewalk, where he struck the two victims. An hour after the auto-pedestrian accident, the man’s blood alcohol content level was 0.20%. The sentence came following the man’s no contest plea to charges that included one count of second-degree manslaughter, as well as 18 other charges. The mother and sister of the victim who died in the accident spoke at the sentencing about the impact of the loss of their loved one on their lives. The family of the victim who died and the victim who was injured have filed civil lawsuits against the drunk driver. Whenever a party is injured in a pedestrian accident, the victim may receive serious and severe injuries. Pedestrian accidents can also result in serious injuries that can lead to the death of a victim. In cases of fatal pedestrian accidents, the surviving family members of victims may be able to bring a claim against a negligent driver that caused the accident through the driver’s carelessness. Carless drivers who cause injury or death may face consequences beyond a criminal courtroom. The civil legal process provides an avenue for injured victims, and families of victims, to seek damages from those liable for harm. Source: KOIN.com, “Drunk driver gets 7 years in fatal downtown crash,” Brent Weisberg and Faris Tanyos, Sept. 4, 2013