On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.
Motorcyclists love the freedom that riding provides them. However, no matter how thrilling it can be, this same freedom comes with a significant amount of risk. This risk is something riders in Portland and throughout Oregon must always remind themselves of, or else risk tragedy. The vulnerability of motorcyclists hits home all too often when motorcycle accidents occur. In southern Oregon, just north of Klamath Falls, a man and woman were subject to this vulnerability in a motorcycle accident that left the man injured and the woman dead. The 63-year-old California man was riding his Harley Davidson south on Highway 97. He had a 43-year-old Texas woman on the back of his bike when he pulled off on the shoulder. He apparently decided to make a U-turn and pulled the bike back onto the southbound lane. Coming into the lane, the bike struck a commercial truck, resulting in severe injuries for the male cyclist and killing his female passenger. Both of them were wearing helmets at the time. The unfortunate fact of motorcycle accidents is that, regardless of who is at fault, the motorcycle almost always loses. While drivers of larger vehicles must practice constant vigilance to make certain they are aware of motorcycles, riders must also stay continuously aware of their surroundings. Even a helmet does not guarantee safety. Oregon motorcyclists should always ride defensively, but too often injuries still occur through the negligence of other drivers. Victims should know that there are laws in place to protect them, and legal options are often available to help injured parties receive compensation and hold negligent drivers accountable. Source: Herald and News, “State police investigating Friday afternoon’s fatal crash,” Sept. 29, 2012