As fuel prices have increased, more people have chosen transportation that consumes little if any fuel. Two of the most popular types have been bicycles and motorcycles, but having more of these on the roads with automobiles has led to its share of problems. Many times, questions arise as to whether bicyclists and motorcyclists share the same rights when on the highways and byways.

Failing to Obey

According to the traffic laws of most states, bicyclists and motorcyclists share the same rights on the road. However, one of the biggest problems both have is failing to obey laws that have been designed to keep them safe. Failing to obey stop signs, riding against traffic, crossing anywhere they choose and speeding up to beat a red light are just some examples of the hazards being created.

Middle of the Road

One common misconception is that bicyclists do not have the right to ride in the middle of a lane as do motorcyclists. Yet the truth is most state traffic laws do allow bicyclists to ride in the middle of a lane, which lets them make left-hand turns more easily as well as avoid obstacles alongside the road. As with motorcyclists, bicyclists are expected to be given a distance of at least three feet between themselves and motor vehicles. However, more often than not motorists fail to do so, believing if they stay close to bicyclists they will be able to pass them or make them go faster.

The Leader of the Pack

Like motorcyclists, bicyclists often ride in packs along a road. Most state traffic laws allow this, often yielding to the use of common courtesy between motorists to find a way for everyone to co-exist on the road. This happens more so on rural roads, which are used for training rides by many bicyclists. It's also been noted that many bicyclists and motorcyclists fail to use mounted headlights as darkness approaches, which also leads to higher rates of accidents. While both bicyclists and motorcyclists do share many of the same rights while on the road, it is important for those riders to also be aware of their surroundings and obey all common traffic laws as well as any that are specific to their area. By doing this and using common sense and courtesy, the roadways can be much safer for everyone who happens to be out for a relaxing ride. If you've been in a bicycle or motorcycle accident contact us today and get started on your case.