As The Weather Warms Up More Cyclists Are On The Road

Warmer weather brings people outdoors. Many Portland residents choose to bicycle throughout our great city. As more cyclists are on the road, it is imperative for all drivers to share the road. Both motorists and cyclist must use wise judgment while they remain aware of their surroundings. Studies have shown a tremendous increase in cyclists who are either recreational cyclists or competitive cyclists. Over 1,000 bicycle riders suffer fatal injuries each year, while more than half a million are treated for severe injuries. Many of the injured must adapt to permanent disability or even paralysis.

Drivers and Riders Must Follow the Same Rules of the Road

Whether you are an auto driver or a bicycle rider, you must know the rules by which you should abide to avoid a bicycle accident. Drivers must realize a cyclist has as much right to be on the road as he or she does. However, bicyclists must be responsible in following the same traffic laws as the auto drivers. Important rules to help cyclists avoid an accident on the road include:
  • An auto driver must give a cyclist a minimum of three feet between the driver’s side of the vehicle and the bicycle rider, even if a bicycle lane exists. If oncoming traffic prevents a driver from allowing the three feet minimum, the driver must slow down and wait to pass the cyclist.
  • A cyclist has the right-of-way if a driver is turning right. The driver of the vehicle must wait for the cyclist to cross the intersection before he or she makes a right-hand turn. Drivers must always check for approaching bicycle riders prior to turning.
  • Do not honk your horn to get a bicycle rider’s attention. The rider may react in a startled way that lands him or her in front of your car or oncoming traffic.
  • Take notice of grates or other obstructions on the road that may require a cyclist to veer away from the side of the road.
  • Use caution when you open your vehicle door. Look for bicycle riders, as well as other vehicles, to ensure you have plenty of room.

Portland Bicycle Accident Attorneys

As the weather warms up, more cyclists will be on the road. Negligent drivers and riders cause catastrophic bicycle accidents daily in Portland. The bicycle accident attorneys at Berkshire Ginsberg want to help you recover the damages you need. Contact our firm today to see how we can help.