On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Wednesday, July 18, 2012.
Tragically, car vs. pedestrian accidents can sometimes result in pedestrians dying. This is one of the many reasons why it is very important for motor vehicle drivers to exercise appropriate care when driving in areas where pedestrians are present. Earlier this week, a car vs. pedestrian accident occurred in Oregon which resulted in an individual dying. The accident happened on Monday in Salem, Oregon. That day, a pedestrian was attempting to cross Mission Street. The pedestrian was making this crossing attempt at Mission Street’s intersection with Hawthorne Avenue. Allegedly, the pedestrian was then hit by a pickup truck that was travelling east along Mission Street. Reportedly, the pedestrian was in a crosswalk. According to the article on the Statesman Journal’s website which reported this story, authorities are still in the process of investigating this car vs. pedestrian accident. The article did not mention if charges are expected to be brought in connection to the accident. The pedestrian died as a result of injuries sustained in this car vs. pedestrian accident. As this tragic incident illustrates, car vs. pedestrian accidents can sometimes have fatal results. Thus, it is very important for motorists in Oregon to do everything they reasonably can to prevent car vs. pedestrian accidents. This includes making sure to keep an eye out for pedestrians when driving. It also includes following all applicable traffic laws (including those regarding crosswalks) when behind the wheel. If motor vehicle drivers fail to do these things, they could be putting the safety of pedestrians at risk. Source: The Statesman Journal, “Police investigate crash on Mission Street; pedestrian killed,” July 16, 2012