On behalf of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC posted on Monday, March 4, 2013.
When an accident occurs in in icy conditions, the first likely culprit may be the bus driver or company if there were no other vehicles involved. However, in a recent case, the bus company is denying liability in one particular fatal motor vehicle accident that left nine people dead and 39 others injured. The accident occurred in late December 2012 on I-84 in Portland, but the company continues to deny responsibility, this time in response to a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of one of the many seriously injured passengers. The accident itself was caused by some black ice on the road, which, in turn, caused the bus to slip down an embankment, killing nine people and injuring 39 others. The lawsuit, echoing a Department of Transportation investigation, alleges that the driver was driving too fast for the apparently dangerous conditions and was also driving on hours well beyond the federal on-duty limit at the time of the crash. Many of the passengers were actually thrown out of the bus during the incident and some of the injured passengers have sued the company. Any time a family suffers the loss of a loved one from a fatal accident like this one, it is always a tragedy. In addition to the loss of a family member, the fatal accident often brings it with it medical expenses, funeral expenses and many other associated costs. One of the only ways to recover those costs and expenses is to seek out payment from the responsible party, whether it is a negligent driver, owner of the vehicle involved or someone else. Often times however, the responsible party or their insurance company will initially deny liability. When that happens, a wrongful death lawsuit must be brought to be able to make a recovery for the loss. Getting over the loss of a loved one is often a time for grieving and mourning; the last thing most family members want to think about are the expenses involved in their loved one’s death. For that reason, seeking out help is often a good first step. Source: Seattle Times, “Tour bus company denies wrongdoing in fatal Oregon bus crash,” Alexa Vaughn, Feb. 27, 2013