Portland summers welcome kids to the great outdoors. One of kids’ favorite activities is riding bicycles. While bicycling has many benefits to enjoy, it is imperative to follow safety precautions to prevent summer fun from turning into summer tragedy. Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer and Prevent Bicycle Accidents Teach these tips to your kids to keep them safe while they ride bicycles this summer:
  • Always wear a helmet while riding your bicycle. The long-lasting effects of concussions can be avoided by this simple act. Kids’ brains are especially susceptible to long-term damage from a head trauma.
  • Ensure the size and fit of the helmet are right for your child. Teach kids to wear their helmets correctly.
  • Maintain your kids’ bicycles. Ensure your child has not outgrown his or her bike. Keep the seat in the proper position. Check the reflectors, brakes, gear shifts, and tires for any discrepancies.
  • Do not allow your child to wear long clothing that may get caught in the spokes of the bicycle. Closed-toe shoes that won’t slip off will prevent a dangerous wreck or a broken toe.
  • Supervise your kids while they ride bicycles until you feel they can safely handle the responsibility.
  • Teach children to always watch for cars turning into the street or backing out of driveways. Explain the benefits of making eye contact with drivers to ensure the driver is aware of the bike rider.
  • Teach the proper hand signals for children to use and tell them to ride on the right side of the road to go in the same direction as traffic.
  • Never cross an intersection without looking for approaching traffic in all directions.
Bicycle Accident Legal Representation The most safety cautious kids can still suffer severe injuries in a bicycle accident. Allow Berkshire Ginsberg to help you through the difficulties of recovering damages, so you can focus on your kid’s recovery. We will ensure you are informed of each step, and we will protect your rights and interests throughout the process. Contact us today.