You finally topped brutal hill and now you’re descending the other side at top speeds to get those average mph back up. You’re riding with the flow of traffic in the “bike lane” alongside the parked cars to be safe. As you lift your head to prepare for the upcoming intersection watching for turn signals of vehicles ahead of you, BAM! Someone inside a parked car decided to swing their door open just as you were approaching. With no time to react the collision was unavoidable. Congratulations, you’ve just won the “door prize”. As unpleasant as this scenario seems, it is more common than you might think. As our Portland roads fill more and more with various automobiles, cyclists should be wary of the common accidents that occur and take precautionary measures to avoid them.  One of the more common accidents is “getting doored” or “winning the door prize”. Here are a couple of things you should know if you want to avoid such a collision as you ride through the Portland area.  First, assume that all parked cars are about to open their doors.  Ride with your handlebars at least 3 feet from the parked cars. Second, know that bike lanes are meant for cyclists’ safety.  Automobiles may not enter the bicycle lane however cyclists can leave the bike lane anytime. Especially when avoiding a hazard of any kind, know that it’s appropriate to leave the cyclist lane when you need to. When it comes to Portland bicycle accidents, you need to talk with our experienced personal injury lawyer, Mark Ginsberg.  As an avid cyclist and active participant in Oregon’s cycling activist community, Mark Ginsberg takes the lead on our bicycle collision cases. To schedule a free consultation with Mark, please contact us at 503-233-6507 or by e-mail.