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The law firm of Berkshire Ginsberg, LLC, is led by two experienced personal injury trial attorneys, Bill Berkshire and Mark Ginsberg, who have devoted their careers to seeking fair compensation for clients who have been injured in all types of motor vehicle collisions. Bill Berkshire has been practicing law in Oregon since 1981 and opened his own law office in 1988. He has practiced personal injury law throughout his career and has built a strong reputation as a credible and respective advocate for accident victims and their families. Mark Ginsberg has been practicing law in Oregon since 1995. As an avid cyclist and major participant in and contributor to the bicycling community in Portland, he is committed to protecting the rights of clients who have been seriously injured in bicycle collisions. Bill and Mark are a powerful team with the experience, resources and reputation to effectively represent their clients. To learn more about them, please review their profiles:

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