The death of a loved one that has been caused by an accident can be a devastating event. The sudden impact on you and your family members is intense, and it might leave you wondering what you can do to get that person justice. In the event that your loved one was killed in a construction site, there could be ways for you and your loved ones to receive compensation. If nothing else, this compensation can help to pay for funeral costs and pain and suffering that you and your family have been dealing with since the accident.

Who Was at Fault?

One of the first questions you'll want to consider is who was at fault for the accident? If your loved one worked in the construction industry and was killed on the job, the job itself may be held liable for the accident itself. This is why most construction companies have to hold some type of insurance for themselves, since this is what will pay for the expenses caused by the accident. The construction company your loved one worked for would be the one you would sue in this particular case.

If your loved one happened to work off-the-books for a random person or company that did not hold insurance, this can be a bit more tricky to handle in a court of law. The reason for this is due to the fact that your loved one was working and collecting money from a job without paying taxes into it. Also, the fact that the person or company they worked for didn't have insurance to pay these expenses is not going to help. While this is a trickier matter, it is still worth looking into if you feel that receiving compensation is an absolute must.

When the Accident Happened Randomly

If your family member didn't actually work for the construction company and was killed because they either passed by a construction site or was allowed inside, this is still something that would involve the construction company itself. Construction companies need to follow strict rules and guidelines to ensure that both their workers and anyone walking in the vicinity is kept safe from any falling materials. If your loved one was injured or killed because of a falling beam in a construction site, this is something that will need to be taken up with the construction company itself. Contact us today if you're facing a situation similar to this.